Menus & Pricing

Tastings: Flavors and Frostings

 Icings: Buttercream (Style) or Fondant Icings

Cake Styles, either modern or traditional can share flavors and tastes but often take on very different visual looks.  Our tastings offer you the opportunity to sample multiple combinations of flavors and textures to match your style and  pallet  preferences.

Wedding Cakes

Each creation is tailored to each client which makes pricing challenging. We are able to offer flat rate pricing for basic, two-layer, round cakes starting at the prices below, which may be adjusted based on the intricacy of the design:

One tier cutting cake: $100 (serves 20)
Two tier: $280 (serves 70)
Three tier: $350 (serves 105)
Four tier: $500 (serves 170)
Sheet cake: $60 (serves 100)
1/2 Sheet cake: $45 (serves 50)
One tier naked cake (rustic serving stand included): $100 (serves 20)

A standard one-tier, round cake includes a four-inch, two-layer, eight-inch cake. We have many sizes available including deep and extra deep tiers. Taxes are not included. Delivery is included up to 50 miles.  Please contact us for additional information on pricing.

Celebration CAKES

8″ round cake: $42 (serves 20)
10″ round cake: $60 (serves 35)
12″ round cake: $72 (serves 50)
14″ round cake: $84 (serves 64)

Sweet treats

French Macarons: $24/dozen
Cupcakes: $36/dozen
Miniature Cupcakes: $24/two dozen
Fruit Tarts & Cream Pies: $18
Miniature Fruit Tarts & Cream Pies: $58/half dozen
Biscotti: $24/dozen
Cookies: $22/dozen
Eclairs: $28/dozen
Custom Sugar Cookies: by request

custom dessert bar

We are delighted to work with you to design a unique and delicious dessert bar package of miniature pastries and sweet treats for your celebration. Please contact us for additional details or any special requests.